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When You are Ready to Buy or Sell

When you are Ready to Sell

I will take the time to thoroughly understand and get to know your home and property respecting all concerns and ideas you may have.

Together we will prepare your home BEFORE it goes on the market.  Not only staging tips, professional photos/videos, required inspections, certifications and all paperwork is done in 

advance.  I will create a Comparative Market Analysis and in some cases work with a professional appraiser to ensure we are accurately priced for the current market. 

I will contact every agent and or buyer that views your house and get feedback and pass that information on to you. 

I will be in contact with you often so you are never wondering what is going on.

I never cut corners NEVER! There is too much at stake.

When You Are Ready To Buy

I will scour my resources to find a home that best matches your wants and needs. Together we will view as many homes as needed to find your perfect match.  Once we find the home of your dreams, I will do an

in-depth investigation of the market to ensure your offer to purchase is fair and solid.

Choosing the right agent and Brokerage can make all the difference. Together lets do this!  Each of these are small details but, in the end, when put all together they make a huge difference all home sellers and buyers deserve and should expect!

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